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Avoid email scams with Workspace

Workspace protects your business and people from email scams with advanced phishing and malware protection features built into Gmail!

Offering administrators control over how suspicious emails are dealt with and how users interact with them. These features can be configured for different users and teams, allowing you to create a secure communication platform for your entire workforce.

Email scams are one of the leading causes of data breaches, and Google stops more than 100 million harmful emails from reaching Gmail users every day!

This is a worryingly big number but Workspace is more than up to the task of protecting your business with its out-of-the-box security features.

How to stay safer with Workspace

By default, Gmail protects users from email scams in two ways:

  • Users can verify sources quickly by clicking on the Show Details arrow
  • Gmail displays message warnings and moves untrustworthy emails into spam

Administrators also have access to advanced security settings in Gmail. Some of the advanced security features include:

  • Password Alert for users on domains to get alerts if users enter their Google password into websites other than the Google Sign-in page
  • Attachments and scripts uncommon to your domain can be automatically detected, and these emails can be filtered with warnings
  • Identify links behind shortened URLs
  • Show a warning prompt for any click on links to untrusted domains
  • Spoofing protection to protect against emails from domains that are visually similar to your company’s domains and aliases
  • Protection against spoofing of employee names
  • Protection for Google Groups from inbound emails spoofing your domain
  • Spoofing protection can also detect potential Business Email Compromise (BEC) messages. BEC emails are a growing cybersecurity threat where criminals access a business email account and imitate the owner’s identity

These advanced security features significantly reduce the number of harmful emails that people receive. Making use of them is the smart thing to do.

Other ways to stay safe with Workspace

Google Cloud have several solutions to secure your business and protect teams from scams and other nasties. Here are some of those solutions:

For users

For administrators

Nothing can replace education and training

Lastly, a few words of Mollis Group wisdom.

Email scams are a form of social engineering. They convince a person of a problem that requires immediate attention and tricks them into a scam.

Security features only protect people so far and the most efficient way to avoid scams is by building your human firewall. Training your workforce and making them aware of the latest trends and tricks cybercriminals are using is the key to protecting your business.

That’s why we provide cybersecurity awareness training courses; we aim to protect you today and prepare you for tomorrow. Call us on 0208 012 8489 or email us at [email protected] for a chat #evolvewithus