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software-defined cryptography
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Software-Defined Cryptography

Traditional hardware encryption based on tokens, HSM’s and monolithic solutions have come a long way over the last 20 years.

Now that 93% of companies are using cloud services* and with over 2 billion global users accessing retail banking services via mobile devices*, this new landscape of hyper connected services comes with it’s own unique set of security challenges – consider for a moment:

• Authorisation and assurance of digital transactions
• Trusted banking services across a multitude of untrusted mobile devices
• Protecting data across Cloud infrastructures and data centres
• Privacy regulations and security compliance

Traditionally, the storage of the cryptographic key which safeguards your organisations most valuable assets required the use of dedicated hardware, however today, leading companies are adopting new technology to unbind those cryptographic keys from hardware – ultimately making cryptography more agile and flexible.

Full control and centralised management of keys on any infrastructure (Public/Private Cloud, On-prem, Hybrid) will offer your organisation the following benefits:

• Service agility – Deploy new digital services in hours instead of months
• Cryptographic agility – Quickly and easily add support for new cryptographic algorithms via software upgrade
• Automation and efficiency – Automate key lifecycle management
• Cost savings – Eliminate dedicated hardware acquisition, certification, installation, maintenance

We’re here to help you evaluate and select the right products for your business critical infrastructure. Get in touch with us at [email protected] to schedule your no obligation SDC Proof of Concept and find out more.

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