Experts in storage infrastructure.
storage-as-a-service, storage infrastructure, CAPEX, on-premise
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Experts in storage infrastructure.

In partnership with Zadara, Mollis will provide enterprise data storage services, where you pay only for what you use per month. We provide all the enterprise features you would expect from traditional storage solutions and enable you to avoid capex investments in storage infrastructure. Zadara is delivered on-premise, in the cloud, or both – any data type, any protocol, any location.

Service features:

  • Data Protection, encryption and separation guaranteed
  • 100% availability

Service benefits:

  • True multi-tenant system
  • Ability to create account levels, with guaranteed resource isolation
  • Zero performance impact by other users of the object storage.
  • Fully managed
  • Pay for what you use


    Learn how to supercharge your AWS infrastructure with our Zadara Storage-as-a-Service platform.