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So what is the Cloud?

Cloud computing is broadly defined as the on-demand delivery of IT products and services which are accessed via the internet, and normally on a pay-as-you-go pricing tariff which has replaced the old fashioned way of buying and maintaining your own data centres and servers.

Services such as compute, power, storage and databases can be accessed on an on-demand basis from the cloud provider – organisations of every type, size and industry are using the cloud for a wide variety of use cases such as email, data backup, disaster recovery, development and testing virtual desktops, data analytics and customer facing web applications.

There’s a number of key characteristics which are normally present when dealing with a cloud architecture and which differentiate it from that of a traditional on-premise design (where your I.T Infrastructure is managed at your physical place of business):

Resources can be provisioned on demand – The Cloud Service Provider enables the provision of cloud resources whenever and wherever they’re required)

Broad Network Connectivity –Cloud architectures are underpinned by a highly resilient, well performing network

Pooled Resource – Sharing compute resource to adjust to the needs of the customer, based on their needs

Rapid elasticity – Empowers the customer to obtain additional power, resource, storage etc, quickly and effectively and usually on a pay-per-use basis

Measured Service – Allows resource usage to be measured, controlled, reported and alerted on, which will result in multiple benefits to the customer whilst also offering transparency between the cloud provider and client

For instance, financial services companies are using the power of the cloud to deliver real time fraud detection and prevention capabilities, whilst video game makers are using the cloud to deliver online gaming experiences to millions of players, globally. In the Healthcare sector, companies are using the cloud to develop more personalised treatments for patients. Cloud computing will help your business to become more agile and thus help to reduce your overheads.

Instantly scaled and deployed globally, in minutes.

Cloud computing gives you instant access to a broad range of technologies which will help your business to innovate faster and build almost anything you can imagine, from infrastructure services such as compute, storage and databases to Internet of Things, machine learning, data analytics, and more.

Technology platforms and services can be deployed in a matter of minutes, and you can go from idea to implementation much faster than ever before. This gives you the freedom to experiment and test new ideas to differentiate customer experiences and help transform your business.

When delivered and configured correctly, you’ll find that you no longer need to make big, upfront investments into hardware and overpay on capacity, instead your business can trade capital expense for operational expense and pay only for what it consumes.

Resources are accessed in real time and can be scaled up and down according to the needs of your business. The ability to leverage these services also makes it easy to expand into new regions deploying resources quickly and effectively.

Please get in touch today if your business is considering utilising the power of the cloud in it’s technology strategy. We’re experienced and certified with 2 of the 3 main public cloud providers and hold a relationship with a select number of certified and accredited private cloud providers.
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