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The genie has left the bottle, and there’s no going back!

Back in March when the Pandemic forced businesses across the globe to rapidly switch to remote working, companies rushed to the Cloud… not because it was on their strategic roadmap but because it was on their survival plan.

For some, the move was smooth; seamless businesses tools were already utilised, and it meant that teams could continue to collaborate either from the office or the dining room table. However, for many companies, the rush to remote working meant that offices skipped security checks and the risk caused havoc, with some businesses falling prey to ransomware attacks.

Dropbox, Microsoft, Twitter, Google and Fujitsu (amongst others) all recently announced a permanent remote working approach that includes collaborative, communal workspaces for occasional meet-ups. Not only does this represent a culture shift in mindset for businesses, but also further hurdles to jump to a more secure permanent move. So in this new era and heightened risk, what can you do to protect your organisation?

Top 5 Mollis Tips:

Be 100% on your security controls. Get full visibility on any risk in your environment with regular automated Swordfish vulnerability assessments and prevent cyber incidents before disaster strikes.

Use multi-factor authentication on every web-facing application. Compromised credentials are frequently leaked to the dark web. At this point, you have to assume your password is already out there, so MFA is a must. There are various types of MFA out there, with app-based MFA generally considered to be the most secure.

Work securely from anywhere without the need of a VPN by utilising Beyondcorp Remote Access. Allowing you, your team, your contractors to work safely from anywhere, from any device.

Backup is king! A good disaster recovery strategy and backing up to the Cloud will help mitigate ransomware attacks.

Dial-up your security awareness training. It’s easier to get someone to click an email than to find a vulnerability in a device. People are easy targets, so get building a human wall of defence. Train your team on the latest trends and tricks that hackers are using, so they’ll recognise and react appropriately to these messages when they land in their Inbox. We post regularly on this subject and are also happy to have a chat with your team.

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