Why Unified Comms? | Mollis Group Limited
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Why Unified Comms?

There’s no denying that Small to Medium sized businesses the world over are leveraging Unified Communications Platforms now more than ever to revolutionise the way that they do business.

Cloud PBX and UCaaS deployments are growing by approx. 8.5% per year globally, whilst on-premise PBX deployments are slowly fading.

Whether you’re a current user of UC or if it’s on your roadmap, the there are a few things that you need to be aware of to differentiate the two main offerings that are on the market today.

But first off, let’s have a look at a few of the benefits that deploying UC can offer to your business:

  • Team Coherence
  • Increased Productivity
  • Expanded reach
  • Greater transparency
  • Operational Agility

A Good Unified Comms platform, be it a traditional “on-prem” delivery, or UCaaS (Cloud CAGR is due to overtake on prem in 2021 by the way) will undoubtedly enable your employees to work and collaborate in a much more efficient way.

A more traditional, On-Prem UC deployment will require the purchase of dedicated infrastructure for each user, whereas it’s cloud-based sibling will not. Vendors will offer different monthly Opex pricing structures in the Cloud model, based on the needs of the end customer. As with other cloud services, this option will always be attractive to those that are looking to scale services gradually over a period of time, Using an all-inclusive software solution (a single pane of glass) which allows them to focus on carrying out their task at hand, instead of juggling multiple applications.

A Single User Interface and standardised controls for communication functions, when delivered under a single UC package, empowers and motivates employees, which ultimately leads to the business reaping the rewards of a happier, more engaged and content workforce.

According to Inc, “those who work off an integrated UC platform are happier employees. In fact, 73% of those are satisfied with their companies, which leads to fewer employees who are job hunting (which usually means increased productivity)”

If you’re looking to empower, entrust and increase the productivity of your workforce, drop us a line at [email protected] or call us on 0208 012 8489 for a complimentary consultation with the team.