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cloud computing, managed security, voice collaboration, backup & DR
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Stay ahead of the pack

People are rushing to the digital world, not because it’s on their strategic roadmap, but because it’s on their survival plan. We’ve seen two years’ worth of digital transformation in six months.

But as the stampede gathers pace, waiting patiently in the wings, as a cheetah waits for an unsuspecting gazelle, is a predator. A professional villain who knows the digital world better than you. He knows its weaknesses and its vulnerabilities, and he knows that you don’t. And when you make a mistake, it is the work of a second. At best he’ll steal all of your valuable data. At worst he’ll deny you service and bring you down.

Our Services

The digital world can be an intimidating place if you haven’t been there before, but we’re techies, we live there so we know the place. We speak the language and will explain it all in terms that you can understand.

We build resilient, secure cloud solutions you can trust and which allow CEOs and CTOs in Finance and Construction to run their businesses safely and securely in the digital world. Whether it’s remote backup, cybersecurity or full migration to the Cloud, we can assist you on your journey and protect you.

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we always put our customers’ needs first.


we do our research and select the right product for your business needs.


from concept to delivery, quality is consistently at the forefront of everything we do.


tomorrow’s technology, today.

We think, we do, we evolve.
Evolve with us.

Our Values

We’re passionate about animals as you can probably tell, so from 2021 we’re going to be aligning our passion with the Forgotten Parks Foundation, whose mission is to enhance the management of forgotten national parks and protected areas in partnership with governments and local communities to empower people to protect wildlife and wilderness around the world – evolve and protect with us


Luke Watson
Co-Founder & MD

Luke co-founded Mollis in 2019 with the purpose to help clients to gain an industry advantage by incorporating the latest digital technologies in their business.


Following a 20-year career in IT and Telecoms, his recent accomplishments include working across a variety of accounts with a top tier management consultancy, testing and assuring a £550m MPLS Global Connectivity Network, and most recently working closely with an Accelerated Delivery Organisation. Luke recognises the value of an AGILE mindset in business and incorporates these ways of working and methodologies to deliver innovative, cost efficient and reliable solutions of tomorrow, today. Luke is PRINCE2, scrum master and certified ISO27001 implementation practitioner and plays an active and passionate part in the technology community.

Tony Macey
Co-Founder & CTO

Anthony is Mollis’ chief technology officer, leading our long-term technology vision, and has been an active technology evangelist and thought leader for over two decades.


Having served long tenures with Lloyds Banking Group, IBM, BP Oil, CGI and Thales Group, he currently specialises in traditional datacentre technology and hybrid cloud architectures. Anthony is a certified enterprise architect, member of the British Computing Society and holds a Computer Science baccalaureate, with extensive experience across the public sector, defence, finance, health, oil, and telecoms. Anthony is an accomplished conference speaker, giving technology talks at large venues including Birmingham NEC, Liverpool ACC, and Manchester ICC and various London venues.

Charlotte Watson
Co-founder & Director Customer Success

Charlotte is an effective networker; she initiates and builds client supplier relationships through her natural communicative style.


She has developed and directed projects that have been seen, consumed and engaged by millions of people within her years in commercial sales. Charlotte is an expert in collaborating with clients to tell their story through creative and strategic partnerships, providing solutions that resonate and move businesses forward.


We’re pretty good at this, if we say so ourselves.
We’ve been doing it for fifteen years and we’re one of a group of approved Google Cloud partners in the UK.


It all starts with a confidential one to one conversation by phone, so please feel free to call us on 0208 012 8489 or contact us at [email protected] and see the world of technology through new eyes.
Don’t worry, we’ll show you the way!